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Student Motivation Package for
High School and College Students

Is your high-school aged son or daughter struggling?  Are you as a parent concerned about what options are available for your child?  Using the Personal Potential Appraisal System, native motivations, skills and talents are identified, and directions for next steps, such as college, vocational paths or trade schools, are provided.  Life is too long to wonder what you should be when you grow up - give your child the gift of knowledge and insight at an early age and give yourself peace of mind knowing that there are options for your son or daughter. 

College students: Don't let that degree go to waste! Students in college often face similar questions and challenges. By focusing on next steps for the 'real world,' the Student Motivation Package provides clear direction for applying your education based on your true motivations. 

The student (and parent) will:

  • Identify and explore his or her positive and negative motivations, with specific focus on social interaction, work/school style, communication and conflict styles, leadership and much more (See Appraisal for more details)
  • Discover unique talents and abilities
  • Assess current focus and skills, with an eye toward future opportunities
  • Develop practical, tangible strategies for moving forward


  • Personal Potential Appraisal System Review
    (1 hour review with audio recording)
  • One 1-hour coaching session
    (if in high school, with parent present; in college, parent not required)


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