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All of life is about relationships. Whether it's the relationship you have with yourself, with your spouse or with your business partner, what matters is how you relate to all aspects of life. Add in the complexity of life in the 21st century, and all of sudden trying to 'have it all' seems downright impossible, especially the relationship piece.

Why focus on relationship? Because you can never, ever get away from yourself, and like it or not, you are the common denominator in your life. Contrary to popular opinion, personal growth doesn't have to be hard. And once you have good, accurate knowledge about yourself, attracting, creating and maintaining good relationships is actually pretty easy.

So what is meant by 'relationships'? Anyplace where you interact, you have a relationship: your spouse, family, friends, other people, your work, your body, your car, your pets... the list goes on and on. Since you are the common theme in all your relationships, why not develop the insight, awareness and tools to be masterful?

Through coaching, experience growth acceleration and achieve results faster, calmer and with greater awareness of yourself and your relationships than you ever thought possible. By developing your 'Personal Owner's Manual™' - which works for individuals, couples and partnerships - you will discover who and how you are in all aspects of your life, business and work. With this knowledge, you'll implement customized strategies that lead to long-term satisfaction and success - as you define it.

This coaching process means engaging life as it really is (versus some fantasy of how it should be) and staying present with yourself and others through conversation, perspective, insight and practice.

Combining a comprehensive personality and motivation appraisal with custom-developed tools (the Personal Potential Appraisal System and the Enneagram ), you will experience a process that is unique and powerful. Whether you are ready for a “Masters Degree in You™,” to be in a marriage or business partnership that thrives, or to discover a new path in life and work, there’s coaching that's right for you.

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