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Comprehensive Coaching Program

Are you ready for that "Masters Degree in You™"? Is it finally time for real change? The Comprehensive Comprehensive Coaching Program explores in depth all aspects of your life (work/business, family, money, relationships, spirituality), identifying the cycles and patterns that support or detract from a positive, constructive experience. Combining this knowledge with the information from the Personal Potential Appraisal System, you will receive your Personalized Owner's Manual™, a detailed approach to who and how you really are in all realms of work and life. Customized, practical strategies are developed to ensure long-term results and learning. Over nine months, clients accomplish their goals, improve performance and learn how to respond consciously and proactively.

Areas of focus:

  • Get unstuck and move forward - anywhere, anytime
  • Values and beliefs:  true satisfaction occurs when your deepest values are met on an everyday basis. 
  • Development of awareness and conscious thinking
  • Communication and conflict skills
  • Cycles: how personal and business/professional cycles impact work and life
  • Identification of positive and negative motivations in the following areas:  leadership, communication, social interaction and work style, plus much more (See Appraisal for more details)
  • Application of practical, tangible strategies for moving forward
  • Exploration of core issues: money, relationships, faith/spirituality
  • Development and implementation of effective support systems


  • Twenty 1-hour coaching sessions (in person or on the phone), tailored to each client's needs
  • Personal Potential Appraisal System review
    (1-1/2 hour review with audio recording)
  • Unlimited phone and email support


"A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be."

Tom Landry


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