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Comprehensive Coaching Program
Are you ready for that "Masters Degree in You"?  This comprehensive program explores in depth all aspects of your life (work/business, family, money, relationships, spirituality), identifying cycles and patterns that support or detract from a positive, constructive experience.  Combining this knowledge with the information from the Personal Potential Appraisal System, customized, practical strategies are developed to ensure long-term results and learning.  Over nine months, clients accomplish their goals, improve performance and learn how to respond consciously and proactively. Learn more…

Business Renewal
Even the best business relationships require reassessment and tune-ups.  With the Business Renewal Package, business partners, owners and leaders examine the dynamic that exists between the primary participants as well as within the business itself.  Discover gaps in communication, staffing and motivations.  Implement strategies based on the make-up of the team. Learn more…

Coaching Intensive
The Coaching Intensive is designed for targeted work in a specific area.  When you are confident and certain about your focus but not sure how to reach it, the Coaching Intensive can be the right choice. Learn more…

Student Motivation Package
Is your high-school aged son or daughter struggling?  Are you as a parent concerned about what options are available for your child?  Using the Personal Potential Appraisal System, native motivations, skills and talents are identified, and directions for next steps, such as college, vocational paths or trade schools, are provided.  Life is too long to wonder what you should be when you grow up - give your child the gift of knowledge and insight at an early age and give yourself peace of mind knowing that there are options for your son or daughter. Learn more…

Partnership Coaching
Partnership can be extremely rewarding - especially when both people are on the same page. Choosing to be in relationship (business or personal), challenges will occur because it's more than one person. Styles and personalities both mesh and clash, methods on achieving goals differs, and strengths and weaknesses either support or obstruct forward progress. With Partnership Coaching, clients gain knowledge, understanding and insight into how each is hard wired, and strategies for long-term success. Utilizing a a facilitated, collaborative process and detailed blueprints, you and your partner receive customized strategies that foster success and minimize detours and roadblocks. Learn more…



Kathy Clayton

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