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Business Renewal

Even the best business relationships require reassessment and tune-ups.  Whether you've been in business for years or are just a short while, if the relationships within your company are getting in the way of doing business, it's time to learn who your team is and how they operate, both independently and as part of the company.

With the Business Renewal Package, business partners, owners and leaders examine the dynamic that exists between the primary participants as well as within the business itself. Discover gaps in communication, staffing and motivations.  Implement strategies based on the make-up of the team and the goals of the company. 

  • Development and application of practical, tangible strategies based on purpose/focus of the business as well as individual team members
  • Examination of values and beliefs:  clarify the company's purpose and clarify each person's purpose within the company
  • Assessment of individuals' skills and effectiveness within the company
  • Review of personal and professional cycles that impact work flow and process
  • Identification of positive and negative motivations in the following areas: leadership, communication, social interaction and work style, plus much more (See Appraisal for more details)


  • Personal Potential Appraisal System reviews
    (1-½ hour review with audio recording) for each person
  • Group Summary Chart review for appropriate teams
  • Comprehensive and/or team coaching, as needed


Team Coaching
Are communication issues getting in the way of productivity?  Are your teams not functioning as well as they can due to relationship issues between members?  KCC delivers powerful, insightful and immediately useful information about individuals and team interaction that will improve communication, assist in resolving interpersonal challenges and refocus the team on what matters:  productivity and an improved bottom line.

Everyone comes to the table with a unique point of view and a unique set of talents and abilities.  Creating successful teams that work together for agreed-upon end results can be challenging and costly if the right people are in the wrong place or vice versa.  Using a comprehensive motivational assessment, KCC integrates innate talent with learned skills to keep teams functioning smoothly and producing desired results.


Executive/Individual Coaching
You've hired good, smart people, but sometimes individuals need one-on-one attention to refocus.  KCC works closely with executives, managers and team members to integrate who and how they are with the realities of the work environment and to develop additional skills for continued contribution to the company.



"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


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