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About Kathy Clayton

Kathy Clayton is a dog-on-a-bone about relationships. Whether she's working with one person, a couple or a company, she is a vocal and passionate advocate for her clients and their relationships. Her passion for developing awareness and conscious thinking helps motivate her clients toward sustainable action and long-term results. Her particular style includes a gutsy willingness to 'name the elephant in the room,' and a tenacity to hang in when the conversation gets uncomfortable. Drawing on over 15 years with hundreds of clients, Kathy's personal, interactive approach challenges and supports clients to achieve their desired results.

With her ability to customize the coaching to meet the clients' changing needs, Kathy brings an intuitive understanding of people and the world at large. Her use of the Enneagram and the Personal Potential Appraisal System is augmented by other assessment tools she has personally designed for use with her clients.

She brings a personal, interactive element to her coaching style by drawing from her more than 20 years' experience in all aspects of the personal growth arena. Educated at Beloit College (WI) with a B.A. in American History and minors in Economics and Philosophy, Kathy believes that as each person understands who and how they really are, successful results naturally occur.

Kathy lives in Shoreline, Washington. She spends her time working out at the local Y, enjoying lots of food, music and puzzles of all kinds.



Please contact Kathy at Kathy@KathyClayton.com
or at 206.577.3767

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